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It's the end of the world.
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14th-Jun-2008 01:30 am - lostzombies.com

Zombie Encounters and Outbreaks Tracked on New Web Site, LostZombies.com

A new social media web site has launched to educate and inform the world about the existence of zombies. LostZombies.com provides a platform for individuals to share videos, photos and other proof of zombie encounters. Once enough material has been gathered, Lost Zombies will use the information to create an educational, community-generated documentary on the subject.

Friday the 13th, June 2008 -- LostZombies.com, a social media site dedicated to gathering definitive proof that zombies exist, announces its recent launch. Zombie videos, photos, reenactments and other submissions will be used to create a community-generated documentary to educate the public about the reality of zombies and a potential, if not imminent, zombie apocalypse.



It's time for the world to wake up to a harsh reality - zombies are real. This site was created as a tool for individuals to post worldwide evidence of zombie attacks and outbreaks

"It's time for the world to wake up to a harsh reality - zombies are real. This site was created as a tool for individuals to post worldwide evidence of zombie attacks and outbreaks," says Skot Leach of Lost Zombies. "The content gathered by Lost Zombies members will be used to create the definitive documentary on zombies, which will help educate and inform the general public about this very real danger."

Individuals who wish to share their evidence can become members of Lost Zombies by creating a free account. Members can also chat, comment on other users' evidence and discuss zombie outbreaks from around the world.

Users can share information by adding submissions to an outbreak or creating an outbreak if one has not been previously reported. By creating or adding content to an outbreak, users are not only potentially saving lives, but contributing to the movement dedicated to revealing zombies as fact, not fiction. All content submissions to Lost Zombies must be zombie-related.

Since its launch only a few weeks ago, Lost Zombies members have reported outbreaks in places such as New York City, Memphis, Atlanta, Northern California and Northern Wisconsin. Sightings have also been reported in locations around the world, including London, Copenhagen and Toronto.

For more information about Lost Zombies, zombie outbreaks or the site's mission to create a community-generated documentary, visit www.LostZombies.com.


1st-Jun-2008 11:13 pm - found on a downed server
Baron Samdai
& Teller

I dunno if this comm is still up, even if there's anyone out there.

But if there is. You're not alone.
2nd-Apr-2008 06:31 pm(no subject)
Punk Rock Star F.U.
We move all the time. We don't stay in one place more than two days. We try to use cars or trucks when we can but lately we've been doing a lot of walking and running. Good thing these zombies are slow. They are not very strong but get a mob of them and you have trouble on your hands. I've found trusty crowbar to be a great hand to hand weapon. Along with a nice sharp machete.

We are finding lots of food in stores still and finding game to hunt, deer, rabbits, squirles whatever. I am surprised that we can still find internet connections, places with electricity and running water.

Funny every time I have a chance to check the internet I see that no one really knows what is going on. Only thing I do know is the dead are coming back to life and eating the living. Anyone who dies will become a zombie unless their brains are destroyed; and this seems to be a world wide issue.

The problem is it seems they don't get tired. You can out run them but they just keep shambling and they can and will catch up with you at some point. but they are easily distracted. But if you see one more will be around or will be showing up soon.

We've run in to some "gangs" that are taking advantage of this and are just stealing everything and anything. But being just two of us my wife and I we carry nothing more than we need. We also try to stay away from dencely populated areas.

If you are using guns shoot for the head, you have to destroy the brain. For my money the machete and crowbar are just as good as a gun.
2nd-Apr-2008 02:32 pm - As if it wasn't bad enough...
Greetings to everyone. I'm glad I found a network for survivors. I was in St George, UT when they hit. I was helping my dad work on a construction site. My parents split when I was real little. My dad lived in Salt Lake City with his new wife, and my mom lived in St George. We were lucky. St George is a relatively small town, with nothing in between it and Salt Lake. I can't imagine what it must have been like when it hit all the major cities. When my dad and I encountered our first zed, it was actually kind of exciting. I mean, this is video game shit right? No big deal. I fantasized about this all the time. It was actually kind of fun to take a hammer stapler to that zombie's head. Then we got in my dad's truck (which is luckily lifted, huge, and powerful) and began picking our way out of town. I was excited until I looked at my dad's face. Reeeaallly looked at it. My dad is a stoic, rock-solid, bear of a man, but that look on his face...will haunt me for life. It was kind of an unspoken agreement that we would check on my mom. We found her ok in her house behind her couch with a frying pan. She wasn't crying, but she was shaking. Little was said. That is, until we made it to the freeway and toward Salt Lake. There was a reason my parents split, and that reason stands: they don't fucking get along. At any rate, we are holed up in a small hotel in the middle of Bum Fuck Egypt. I am blown away by the use of high-speed internet. The only not-zed we saw in this place was the hotel owner, who let us stay with him. I just smoked my last cigarette and I am tempted to risk the run to the dark gas station across the street for more. No cigarettes or death? Well, I'd risk my life for nicotine at this point.
26th-Nov-2007 12:56 pm - London Calling...
Goth pirate
Looks like this thing is working again...

Ok, here's a brief update. I screwed up. Big Time.

In my defense all I can say is that I made the same mistake everyone else made, and assumed that because Britain was an island, we were safe.

I figured we'd be ok, after all, 65 million people in Britain. 12 million survivors, that I know of, maybe another 5mil scattered here and there... leaves only so many zombies and we'd managed to get them all. So, we were ok.

Yeah. I was wrong. We weren't safe.

The first we knew we had a problem was when Dover dropped out of communication, followed by Hull and a number of other coastal towns that had surviving communities. Then the communications with overseas failed.

I didn't even realise what the problem was until I saw it for myself...zombies walking up out of the sea.
Yeah, in hind-sight it should have been obvious. It's not like they need to breath, and Europe had fallen to the hordes months ago. Now they were walking across the sea bed, and invading us on foot.

Granted, it slows them down, and the sea-life scavengers cull a percentage of them... but Europe had a population of a couple of hundred million people, around 80-90% of which got infected. And we're anticipating a second wave will eventually make their way across the Atlantic, or under the Pole maybe.

We're holding on, just about...but they caught us with our guard down. I estimate we lost maybe 30-40% of the survivors in the first couple of days. People who'd relaxed and spread out, who'd gone off looking for other survivors, loved ones maybe. We'd started getting crops in for the winter too, so folk were spread out over hundreds of little farms...

Anyway, It's clear now that the zombies aren't ever going away, that no-where will ever be truly safe and we'll spend the rest of our lives in a state of armed siege.

But we will survive.

We've withdrawn to safe locations, cleared the main roads of wreckage mostly, using what you American's call 'big rigs' modded into what the Aussies called road trains. Service stations have been fortified into distribution centers for food to the local groups. Yeah, it's all gone very Mad Max here... but what the hell, it works and it gets the job done, and oddly enough, it's good for peoples morale to see these monster machines plowing down the motorways, splattering the occasional bands of zombies.

I guess we're better off for stored foodstuffs. The UK is such a tightly packed little island that it was all over so fast, that there wasn't much time for looting...and it's not like the zombies much care about tinned goods! We've enough to make it though winter anyway, and probably for some time after that, but eventually we're going to need to figure out how to grow crops while dealing with the potential hordes.
I dunno what we'll do there.

Despite the fuck up, I still seem to be in charge. Or at least, as much as anyone is. The phone network is still down, cell phone as well mostly outside of a few cities. But we manged to get shortwave radio sets to virtually all of the surviving bands we'd contacted before the second wave of zombies hit. So, we stay in touch with each other, organising raids to and convoys from warehouses and depots.

But each band has it's own leader, and in absence of any government I just do what I've been doing all along, find answers to problems, organise people and present them with plans and hope to god they follow them...and for the most part, it seems to work. I think most people are just so grateful that someone seems to be in charge, that they don't argue back mostly.

Well, we had one group, their leader was some sort of nut-ball preacher, an honest-to-goodness holy roller Southern Baptist who'd been over here on a book signing tour when it all went to hell... he swore blind it was all a demonic plot and judgment from God on us all [never mind that was contradictory.]. Had himself a small band of followers down in Canterbury that had holed up in the Cathedral. Refused to bow to any secular authority, ie, me or anyone else. He'd been a real pain during the lull.

But the problem solved itself...I think he'd either gone [more] nuts or had started believing his own Hype, because when the zombies came back he tried facing them down armed with nothing more than his faith and a bible...
yeah, that didn't work so well.

We're still working on a way to eliminate the organism that caused this plague... but that's not going so well either. It's proving harder to kill, and we're not even sure if it really is what started this, or something that just took advantage of a new ecological niche.

Anyway, gotta wrap this up. We're using a mil-tech ex-spy satellite station to 'call out' as it were. Times limited because most of the power grid is down and this things running off back-up generators.
25th-Nov-2007 09:06 pm - Breezewood
I'm in Breezewood, PA staying in an abandoned underground silo with a tricky mil network that barely functions. ARPANET, I think, though I've never seen it used. Just an assumption.

I found a pickup that still works. I actually found quite a few cars on I-70 that could have worked, but the bite marks and stains were enough to keep me from doing anything other than looking. I am gathering a slow but steady supply of canned goods from stock rooms of the various hotels, restaurants, and gas stations - the ones that haven't been completely looted or burned out, that is. A cat made friends with me two days ago. Cute calico, barely able to do much but offer a pathetic little meow, came to me whikle I was liberating supplies from the Bob's big Boy. Looks like a mouser, but probably not always. She had a little red collar smudged with dirt, mud, and other crap. It was nearly falling off of her. I opened a can of tuna and she's been following me ever since. Another lost soul. I call her Perdita.

I'm almost done gathering supplies. Once I'm ready, I'm heading for Philly. Maybe I'll find another living human not off the reservation.
12th-Nov-2007 08:31 pm - Dug out/Dug in
I don't know how long it's been and I don't even know where I am.

I remember traveling through PA, I remember airstrikes, I remember a woman wearing nothing but a pari of cut off shorts blowing her head off with a shotgun.

Then things got weird and everything is a blur of purple and grey.

I woke up about two weeks ago in this shelter. Alone and in the dark except for a shelf full of candles and a box of blue tips.

I went outside breifly and saw the sun was still shining, but the smell of the world seems. . . off. The night-time noises aren't too reassuring, either. The scraping, the moaning, the screaming. . . It inhibits sleep.

So I've been holed up in the shelter without electricity, on a small bunk, a worthless computer that won't work for more than ten minutes at a time, and a closet of dwindling supplies.

Today, miracle of miracles, the lights came on, the computer whirred to life, and for some reason I was connected to a network. An old network, but a network nonetheless. First thing I did was check to see how everyone else is doing. Pretty bleak. Some hope, but pretty bleak.

I have no idea where I am and I need help.
12th-Oct-2007 02:15 pm - zombie merch
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