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It's the end of the world.
Well, the military moved us out of the hospital. We had secured… 
4th-Apr-2008 04:48 am

Well, the military moved us out of the hospital. We had secured the hospital to four out of the five floors and three out of the five towers. The remainder of the Zs are trapped behind locked doors that take a pass key. With the power down, we could have wiped them out at our convinience, but the local Military stated it was a high infection spot. So, we pulled out. They shot a couple of our experiments dead, even though we had been making break throughs.

Well, they took us to a Miltary base out in the San Juans, and said it was for our own good. Then Left. They freakin Left! There was about six hundred people here, on this tiny island, with enough food for about two weeks. No communications, Nothing. Only the barest of generators and batteries. Thankfully, most of the people where the survivor types. People with heads on their shoulders instead of up their butts. It took Us all of a day to realize this was a way station for those who they would deal with later. One of the kids found out the facts deep in the old baracks, past hip-deep water ways. A Nuke. Remote Detonator. Grand.

Well, obviously, they where just into round up, cause they didn't see the backgrounds of several of the people. Erick, biggest black man I have ever seen, and Joey J, an Australian lady who I would not want to screw with, both are former military. Erick is a retired Ranger of 22 years with the explosives certs to back it up and Joey J is a submariner on leave. To assist them, Moanna and her boyfriend (half her age by the looks,) Peter, are both physics teachers. Peter has a BS in Engineering. The nuke was simple, according to Peter; a simple receiver and accellerator. The fuel was taken out, and the unit salvaged for parts He and Moanna had plans for.

A series of explosions in B'ham stated quite clearly that the Hospital is toast. Along with the five mile area around it, which happens to be most of the medical area. Some of the others found that the explosions set some boats adrift, so they are planning to use the same method to snag a couple. They made crude boats like those from Alkatraz. Eh, anything to get us off this hell hole. Nuff for now. Where to go from here???
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