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It's the end of the world.
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24th-Sep-2007 04:16 pm - DeputyZombieBlog(tm) - Update
Coming to you live from Corbin, Kentucky, it's the Shade Diagrammers Local 101.

Or at least, we would be, if we had unions. If there's anything more boring than this... we've played every single word game to death, and our cards are used so much that I can tell whenever someone's carrying the ten of spades or three of hearts because they're bent just so. Hey, it's my deck of cards, so it goes with me.

We've finally got power to spare again. Those REF guys who dropped in have been a true blessing. Sure, now we're overpopulated a bit, there's noplace you can go really for privacy unless you wanna go out for an inspection of the generator (which has turned into a nice little euphemism... "Hey, where's Sally and Joe?" "Oh, they're off inspecting the generator), or when you're taking a bath. And especially when you're me, you can only bathe so long.

We've got solar power up and running. That bus had a whole bunch of components on it, most of which were only damaged by the crash, and most of them were fixable, or at least work well enough. Which is a good thing, it was being tiring having no power. Having refrigeration is wonderful.

The Zs keep coming, which is why no one leaves the camp without a buddy or two, why there's no privacy. We see them every couple of days, usually in twos or threes, occasionally a loner... a month back, there was a good dozen or so, but we're well supplied enough, we took them down before they broke into camp. Probably because of how remote we are... we've not heard a thing from anyone.

Well, it's my watch now, and Jason wants to use the laptop, so I'll end here. Hope you all are well...

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24th-Sep-2007 11:13 am - OOC
ztales has begun.
Hi guys.

This is the first time in a long, long time that I've had the chance to sit and plug my laptop in and post something.

I'm currently on the move. I've been traveling ever southward, because even though its warm right now in Iowa, I know the winter is coming soon, and a winter in Iowa with barely any heat and sketchy power supplies ain't my idea of a good time. So I'm traveling as fast as I can. Right now, I have a small contigent of people, We're all doing the best we can. Looting as we go. We've only encountered a few of the shambling not-quite-dead. I guess that's a blessing in and of itself.

I remember my grandma taught me a couple of different things about plants that are edible, and I grabbed a few books on survivalism and plant identification. That's helped a lot. There are also a lot of fields and gardens that have been purely abandoned, which has supplimented our meals, too. It helps a lot.

I still miss coffee. And diet pepsi. And I've managed to fill up two of my moleskine journals. I guess if this stuff ever blows over, I may be able to show this to my children...or whatever. Who knows.

One good thing...all this running and walking and midnight raids have kinda whittled my frame down a little. The bad thing is the fact that my clothes are having problems fitting. Too bad there isn't a Lane Bryant or something nearby. *shrug*

Anyway, I'd better conserve some power or something, so I think I'll sign off for now. My thoughts and prayers are with you guys.

Oh yeah, forgot to mention, mom is still with us, She's been a little slow, but she's a huge help with the day-to day stuff. She does the cooking and she also has been watching Elias, the little boy that attached himself to me a few days before we left the gymnasium. His mom had a freak out and ran off. I found her a day or so later...Well. Suffice to say, Elias doesn't know what happened to his mom and I'm keeping it that way. He's too young to have to deal with that. (he's only 4)

Anyway, I'm going to try to turn in. I have to get up around 430 to keep watch.

Watch your backs, guys.
llama face

Been awhile. Sorry for the delay. I've been busy doing the mother hen thing to people who have seen horrors nobody ever expected to see with their own eyes outside the movies. I've been breaking into the Walgreens and CVS stores with an armed guard around me to make sure we can stockpile medication.

In short, the Wal-Mart I convinced a few people to make into a fortress is ...well, sort of a central point for the survival effort now.

I wish I could say 'I hope everybody had a happy July 4.' I guess I could still say that, but what I mean is "I hope everybody survived July 4."

Marietta and some of the greater downtown area of Atlanta are cleared out from Zack. The fuel-air bomb thing did a lot of damage, as expected. And the areas north and east of here, and for that matter south of the city are still danger zones.

But ...the upshot is the electricity is on and staying on all over the area now. There were enough people in the Atlanta area who either are geeks like me and mine, or who read or watched Stephen King's The Stand and realized those of us who survive had better learn quick how to keep shit going if we want to keep civilization.

Amusingly, I hear Dragon*Con is still on. The geeks are a hardy lot, and I guess they figure something like this will give people hope. Well, those who aren't geeks.

I guess the upshot is all those people who were entitlement folk and thought the world owed them something are either dead, or about to be dead when the anti Zack squad gets to them. yeah, we've got about 40 folks, male and female, patrolling to kill Zack where they find them.

As for how we got the Wal-Mart unsurrounded?

The army finally showed up.

First time I've been happy to see them.

So, um, yay.

How's everybody else doing?
4th-Aug-2007 09:54 pm - DeputyZombieBlog(tm) Entry 21
And the dream was going so well.

I dreamt I was back with my coworkers at the last job I'd had, one I really liked, where most of my coworkers were at least tolerable, and several more were great. And then things turned south; there was a rumbling noise, the windows started vibrating, and we all hid underneath our desks. The windows shattered, and someone screamed.

I woke up, but the screaming didn't stop. It was near pitch black. I grabbed my gun, then my flashlight; there was no one in this little side room I'd been sleeping in, all empty beds. I checked the time, it was 3am.

It wasn't zombies, this time. Remember how I said that all the bridges to the south of here had been taken out? Well...no electricity, plus pitch darkness, meant that people driving up at high speeds couldn't see the dropoff before it was too late. An entire busload of people went over the edge, down the twenty yard drop and straight into the debris. There were only a few deaths, fortunately, though I'm afraid a number of them aren't going to make it; lots of head wounds.

Two of the survivors were apparently military, though not wearing any uniform that I'm familiar with. They called themselves military, Lt. Wilson and Sgt. Parvis, part of the REF team, operating out of Johnson City. More than that, they haven't said yet; both were injured, and taking care of the injured was far more important than chatting.

All in all, it took us about half a day to empty out the bus completely. After this, I'm hitting the sack.

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2nd-Aug-2007 09:53 pm - Uh..mod post.
So -- anybody still there?

Any ideas or concerns before we try to get the ball rolling again?
19th-Jul-2007 04:57 am - //Former Mod Post\\
Alrighty, I've stayed MOD for an extra week or so but now it is time for me to leave SO...
if indigoskynet is still interested in modding and I read that carnage533 is interested in co-modding, I'll switch it over to you guys when you reply that it's okay.

According to the calendar, I'm now twenty-four. Happy birthday to me.

We've mostly healed up, though it was a near thing; we were afraid for a little while that James might've gotten burnt bad enough that he'd lose his hand.. but it's recovered, if it can't articulate fully yet. Maybe not for a while.

Things have been decent around here of late. There haven't been too many attacks, though I suppose that one would be considered too many even. We managed to find a generator, and a good stash of gas siphoned up, so we've been able to keep enough electricity going to keep a fridge in operation. Which has been truly good; helps us be able to keep perishable foods in: we've found a couple icerooms in shops nearby that have been kept reasonably cool; underground cellars and the like. The food's not as fresh as we'd like, but we can't exactly be as choosey right now. It's this, or canned and nonperishables. And I get the feeling we'll be needing those much later, as the perishables..entirely perish.

I haven't heard from anyone in a while...are you guys all right? Please don't tell me we're the last of us...

S/M/V: 70/79/89%
9th-Jul-2007 11:24 pm - //MOD POST - NEW MOD WANTED\\
Alrighty so, there comes a time in every community where the mod has to relieve their duties as mod and hand them off to someone else. 

Im sure you've all noticed moderation's been lacking and I haven't been posting, I've been hella busy and it doesn't look like it's going to let up very soon so on to the point of the post, I am giving up ownershop of the community.

If I don't get any replies by tomorrow at midnight for people who want the community I'm going to delete it.

I'm just not being a good mod and this is an awesome idea for a community and it would be a shame to let it die but it needs a mod that can spend a lot of time on the computer reading and updating which I can't do right now so...

You guys have until tomorrow (tuesday july 10 2007) at midnight to reply to this post if you want mod, and sorry if more than one of you want it, first come first serve.

Hope I get some reply's. If not, oh well.
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